Trails Carolina Investigation Reviews

Introduction Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program that offers a unique approach to helping troubled teens and young adults overcome behavioral and emotional challenges. While many families have reported positive experiences with the program, there have also been concerns and controversies surrounding its methods and practices. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into … Read more

Wholesome Living for the Whole Family

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Madison Dry Goods

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trails wilderness program death

Introduction The Trails Wilderness Program has long been regarded as a transformative experience for troubled youths, offering them a chance to find solace and personal growth in the heart of nature. However, recent events have cast a shadow over this program, as a tragic incident led to the loss of a participant’s life. This article … Read more

trails carolina horror stories

Introduction Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program, has garnered both praise and criticism over the years. While many participants and their families report positive outcomes, there have been instances where the program’s practices and outcomes have raised concerns. This article aims to provide an unbiased exploration of some of the alleged “horror stories” associated with … Read more

trails carolina investigation

Introduction Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program aimed at helping struggling adolescents and young adults, has recently come under scrutiny following allegations of misconduct and questionable practices. This investigation seeks to delve into the various aspects of Trails Carolina, shedding light on the allegations, the organization’s response, and the potential impact on the individuals involved. … Read more

trails carolina “investigation”

Introduction Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program, has been a subject of intense scrutiny in recent times due to various allegations surrounding its practices and the treatment of participants. This investigation aims to delve into the claims, shed light on the program’s operations, and provide a comprehensive overview of the situation. Background of Trails Carolina … Read more